What are the unique challenges that a scientist engaged in field research in remote locations?

Maintaining one’s proficiency in science, technical-scientific diving, mountaineering, physical fitness, safety, and the preparation that goes into undertaking productive research in these extreme environments are all a part of the necessary requirements.

Topics/hurdles that we need to address prior to deployment:

Scientific research instruments available for field measurements;

Expedition equipment/supplies required to support the research;

Travel expenses to and from the research site;

Salary and benefits during the course of the research project;

Analytical costs for samples returned for additional study;

Costs of diver’s annual physical examination;

Insurance for field instruments, equipment, and personal life insurance

(which may be expensive if one engages in hazardous work).


Our research take us from pole to pole, beneath thick ice-covers, below the oceans  and to remote deserts.

The challenges of conducting basic scientific research

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