Scientific research involves many elements such as salary and benefits for the scientist and staff, an office, a laboratory, field research equipment and other research related equipment.  Help support this research by donating funds to help purchase one of the items on the list!

Nikon Polarizing Microscope
EVOLUTION Closed Circuit Rebreather
Weighing just 24kg with 2 x 2 litre onboard cylinders the Evolution is a 1/3 smaller than the Inspiration - it is compact, light, streamlined and a dream to dive with.
The Evolution has built on the foundations of the Inspiration taking the best of its features - including the unique dual independent oxygen control system (patented) and the unsurpassed over-the-shoulder counterlung design which offers the lowest hydrostatic pressures of any CCR ever built.
Underwater Mass Spectrometry

Series 3000 Tethys Underwater Mass spectrometer is a rugged mass spectrometer used for in‐situ fingerprinting of hydrocarbons and trace chemicals in water. The instrument has the capability of operating at depths to 5000 meters as 
well as surface applications and transmit real time data to the control station.

The instrument can be deployed on variety of underwater platforms, including moorings, cabled sensor nodes, ROVs, AUVs,and manned submersibles. Tethys can also be used for monitoring water topside while being pulled on the rivers and ocean surface.
The instrument can be used for performing EPA method 624 for Purgeable Organic Chemical Analysis of Municipal and Industrial Wastewater cites 31 components for GC/MS analysis with MDL>1ug/l. Series 3000 Tethys can perform this analysis on line in <6minutes at MDL,s of approximately 0.1ug/l.

This new flagship offers speed and accuracy with a 16.2 MP FX-format CMOS sensor, 10 fps continuous shooting, a 91,000-Pixel RGB sensor and Advanced SRS, improved 51 point AF System, ISO expanded to 204,800 and 1080p video at 30p with stereo sound.
200-400mm f/4G ED VR II
This powerful super telephoto zoom lens offers incredible image quality. Enhanced Nikon VR II image stabilization, a constant aperture and Nano Crystal Coat make this lens an ideal choice for sports photography, wildlife and more.
Nikon 14x40 StabilEyes VR Image Stabilized Binoculars
	•	First-ever digitally stabilized marine binoculars
	•	Exclusive pan-and-tilt features for land or water use
	•	Waterproof and fog-proof
	•	Compact design for easy transport
	•	Phase-correction coated prisms
	•	Fully multi-coated lenses
•Razor-sharp resolution